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Invite an audience before you record, grow your community and get more people involved. When you finish recording, publish to Apple podcasts, Spotify, and all the major podcasting platforms.

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We started as a phone call podcast recording app but we have since added sooo many more ways to record. Now you can record podcasts using phone calls or record with any of these other awesome options! (learn more about recording below)


Because your guests need to be reached in different ways we made it so you have more flexability in how you connect with them.

Learn how you can record podcasts using CallCast. The overarching idea behind CallCast is to make recording with remote guests as easy and simple as possible.


Using your phones powerful mic you can record directly to the CallCast app. This is the best option if you are at the same location.


If the person you want to record with also has the CallCast app you can call them through the app to record an App-2-App call. This style of recording will have the best audio quality.


The fastest and easiest way to create a podcast. Just call someone using the app and your call will be turned into a podcast for you. Fast, simple, and easy for you and your guest.


You can call and record with your guest over a live video feed. Post your video recording to both podcasts-platforms and also to your social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Simple, lightweight editing tools

Edit your podcast recordings with quick in-app editing tools. Quickly splice tracks, import audio files & background music tracks, add outro's & intro's, delete unwanted audio sections,fade in & out, and combine other recordings and audiance voice messages. Overall, just get creative and have fun.

See a video demo on how to use the editing tools.

Slice audio

Easily slice out any audio that you want to delete.

Add music & sound clips

Layer in sound clips and background music tracks. An easy way to add your intro's & outro's.

Add multiple recording tracks

Combine audio files and add layers of more audio on top of your tracks.

Fade in & Fade out

A simple way to add fades to your audio tracks.

A Landing page website for all your podcasts

When you publish your podcast your audio recordings are automatically updated on your website. You can share your audio to social media or embed it on other sites with a built in audio player.

How your landing page works & why it's effective

Every time you publish your podcast, your recordings automatically syncs with your live audio webpage.

See an example of my page: adam.callcast.co

Receive Voice Messages

We have an easy way for your listeners to send voice messages to you so you can collect and add their audio clips to your podcasts. Your listeners can send you audio snippets that you can then easily add to your upcoming podcasts!

How Voice Messages work & why its effective

We have an easy way for you to get voice messages from your listeners. Your listeners can send you audio snippets that you can then easily add to your upcoming podcasts!

See an example and leave me a voice message. I just might feature you in one of my upcoming podcasts! adam.callcast.co

Publish your podcast

Learn how easy it is to publish your podcast on Apple Podcasts and ALL the places people listen to podcasts. We make it super simple.

It's now super simple to publish a podcast.

With the click of a publish button in the CallCast app you can now publish your podcast recordings without leaving the app.

Connect your iTunes account and add your CallCast RSS Feed to any podcasting directory that you want your podcast to be featured on. After you connect your accounts, every time you publish a new podcast epsidoe it will be automatically synced to all the places people listen to podcasts.

See an example of how to publish your podcast...

Find meaning & deeper human connections though conversations.

CallCast is for the storyteller in you. We believe in the power of human connections. We believe the best ways to learn is by having converstaions and meeting new people.

Open our minds, be inspired, create meaning, seek out awe and wonder. Podcasting is an opportunity to ask questions.

Find your calling through the powerful artform of podcasting.

Everything you need to create a podcast for free.

We kept the app super simple with the beginner podcaster in mind but we packed in a ton of features to make sure that you can get the job done!

Want some help? Live Podcasting Lessons & Classes.

Join us for a podcasting class that will help you get started. Signup for some tutorials and lessons on how to make CallCast work for you.

Some quick FAQ's

Here are some of the questions that we have been getting asked. If you do not see your question or just want to reach out to meet us please feel free to connect using the chat bubble in the lower right corner of this website. We are here to anwser your questions and help bring your podcasting to life.

Yes! Absolutely. While we would love for you to signup for a PRO paid account we also wanted to make sure that podcasting is accessible to EVERYONE. We made sure to keep a TON of our features free to everyone. The two main paid upgrades are to get a PHONE NUMBER for podcasting and also if you want to create lots of different podcasting shows. You can create one podcast show with as many episodes as you wish for free BUT if you want to start more then one show with differ topics then you will want a PRO account.
Not everything BUT you can do everything that you need to RECORD, EDIT, & PUBLISH a podcast using CallCast, and we think that is a LOT. We wanted to make a lightweight app that gave you the flexibility to get your podcast out into the world, all from one simple to use app. We are adding new features all the time so that you will continuously get an awesome experience.
Yes! After you are done recording you will find your audio in your Recording Library. Tap Edit > Tap the Icon at the top of the screen and then the Cloud icong to export your audio to your phone, dropbox, Apple Airdop it to your computer, email or so many other ways to export.
A Pro account give your 4 or 10 hours of phone call recording a month. You have unlimited In-App call recordings. You can have multiple podcast shows and unlimitted eppisodes (with a free account you can only manage 1 show). When we release new features you will have access to all those as well.
Currently CallCast is only for Apple iPhones. We are working on an Android version for you though!
Yes! Click here for more FAQ's and check out our YouTube Channel here for awesome tutorials on how to podcast. Make sure to follow our YouTube page so whenever we post a new feature you will see how to use it. Also join our Facebook group.