Events & Happenings

One way we at CallCast wanted to thank you for being part of our growing community of thinkers, creatives, artists, explorers, and shapers of the future is to hold gatherings where we can bring guest speakers to the podium to share their stories.

We are testing experimental podcast shows and having some fun here. If you have some ideas for a collaboration or something new that we can work on together, let us know!

The Ask Indie Hackers Podcast Project 🚀

We are putting out a call for Indie Hackers who want to join a podcast phone call to talk about:

  • What are you creating?
  • What is awesome and working?
  • Where do you need help,
    what are you stuck on or want some advice about?
Here is how the podcast recording can work.

  1. We will match a different group of participants on each podcast episode.
  2. Recordings will take place on Sundays @4PM PST and last 15-20 min.
  3. You must accept the calendar invite for your scheduled recording day/time AND must confirm the day before or we will need to find a replacement person for your spot. In other words... confirm in order to keep your spot!
  4. We will be using to record the podcast with so we will send you a dial-in phone number at the time of the podcast.

Note & Goal: A couple years ago I was part of an IH group where we connected each week to help motivate and offer advice to each other and i thought it was an awesome experience. Now as CallCast is beginning to grow I am looking for unique ways to experiment with the app and continue to test out features while creating interesting content and meeting new people.

What I consider "success" for this podcast project...

  1. Record 6-8 podcast episodes (we are looking for 12-18 participants)
  2. Bring some awesome new people
  3. Gain some interesting insights and experiences from what people are working on
  4. I will learn more about what is working and not working and where we can improve the CallCast app

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Past Events & Projects

Date: (This Thursday) 8/13/2020
Time: 12PM PST

A Free Event To Honor You

The Fear Series #1

CallCast would like to invite you to The Fear Series, a speaker event focusing on the psychology of fear and how to overcome it to achieve greatness.

Joining us, we have guest speakers Mary Poffenroth and Christopher Scott to take CallCasters on their exploration and interpretation of fear.

Mary Poffenroth helps teams turn chaos into clarity by using proven scientific methods and the power of play to overcome their everyday fears and discover innovative solutions for business growth. By trade and training, Mary is a biopsychologist and STEM faculty for San Jose State University, as well as an active contributor to Science magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, TED, and SXSW.

Christopher Scott shares with us his heartbreaking experience with fear - Christopher was wrongfully convicted of capital murder in 1997 and spent 13 years in prison as an innocent man. Having your freedom and safety taken from you and held prisoner is one of the most extreme experiences of fear. Christopher will share his story and his life's mission with us. Since his release, Christopher has founded House of Renewed Hope to help exonerate other wrongfully convicted prisoners.

Want some help? Live Podcasting Lessons & Classes.

Join us for a podcasting class that will help you get started. Signup for some tutorials and lessons on how to make CallCast work for you.

  • A special thank you

  • Peter Jumrukovski, I wanted to extend a gracious thank you to for inspiring and working with us at CallCast to have the courage to launch our events. If it wasn't for his advice and support we wouldn't have been putting on this first event.
    Please check out Peter's amazing podcast here: I Love Success Podcast
  • Joyce, Aarwil Sankar, Amauri Alfaro, Abigail Powell, Mike Zaharchenko, Irene Frances, Amanda Bar for leading the initiative in developing the CallCast app, community and experience.

Want to be a speaker or have an idea for a colab?

Do you have a story to tell and want to take part as a speaker?
Reach out to us at