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All the features to launch your podcast

Get all the features that you need to create and publish your podcast on Apple Podcasts and have an amazing podcast.

Features marked with a $ Pro are available on the Pro plan.

Features marked with a * Coming Soon are on the roadmap and are not available yet or are in private beta and will eventually be released.

Easy Recording

CallCast’s origins came from wanting to make the easiest podcasting recording experience possible for everyone.

Easy for you and your guests.

Easy Editing

After we created an easy recording feature we realised that we wanted to add a simple, lightweight editing tool so you can slice out unwanted audio sections and add in intros. Watch a video on how to edit and you will pick it up in no-time!

Easy Publishing

We wanted to make it so you could tap a button and have your audio sync with all the podcasting listening apps. Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast and all the others. All you need to do is create an account at each of these services and add your CallCast RSS feed link that we give you.

Mic Recording

Using your phones powerful mic you can record directly from the CallCast app. This is the best option if you are at the same location as your guest or recording solo.

Phone Call Recording

You can also record podcasts by making a phone call. Simply send your guest a call-in number and the podcast audio will record and show up in your library about 5-10 after your call is completed.

$ Pro (test out in app for 45 minutes for free)

In-App Recording

You can also make In-App podcast calls if your guest also downloads the app. In-App calls use VoIP to record so your audio quality is even better. Make sure that you and your guest have a good WiFi connection before you start your call.

No Login

Using a phone call to record means that there is no login or hassle that your guests need to do in order to connect to your podcast show. Recording is as easy as calling a phone number for them.

RSS Feed

When you setup your podcast you will get an RSS feed link. Use this RSS feed link to connect to Apple Podcasts and all the other places you want your podcasts to show up.

Podcast Hosting

All your recordings are stored safely on CallCast's servers for you so that you don't need to worry about uploading audio to a hosting service. We do it for you.


You can export your audio recordings to your phone, computer or email. We make it super simple for you to export your audio.


You can get a AI generated transcription of your podcast after you complete recording.

Currently 50-60% Accuracy. We are still tuning this feature.

$ Pro

Landing Page

Every time you publish your podcast audio it is also added to a webpage for you. You can get embed codes from your landing page and also setup prompts to have your guests send you voice messages from your landing page.

Embeddable Audio Player

Use the CallCast embeddable audio player to add your audio on your own website page, social media pages, or anywhere else that you wish to feature your podcasts audio.

Unlimited Episodes

Record and publish as many epidodes as you wish! The more you create the better it gets.

Multi Show

If you have ideas for multiple podcast shows you can create different shows and host them in seperate RSS feeds. If you are feeling creative and want to start many shows, now you can.

$ Pro

Podcast Artwork

Podcast artwork needs to be a certain size and dimensions. The CallCast app reformats your artwork coverart size for you to help make it super simple. We also make it so you can add some text, sizing, image and colors right from the app.

Import Audio

You can add audio in editing mode and import different audio files, recordings and sounds.

Combine Recordings

If you want to add different podcast recordings all into one episode you can. Combine your recordings to make layered audio recording tacks.


Combine your audio recordings with a background image design that are turned into shareable videos that you can add to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social networks.

Voice Messages

Using your phones powerful mic you can record directly to the CallCast app. This is the best option if you are at the same location

Sound Library

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Desktop App

We are building a desktop version of CallCast so that you will be able to make recording calls (audio & video) right from your computuer desktop.

* Coming Soon

Ad Network

Opt in/out of Dynamic Ad insertion. Earn money from ads played on your podcast.

* Coming Soon

Guest Network

CallCast hosts can connect with potential guests through our guest network. Look for guests that have interests that align with your podcast topic and invite them to connect.

* Coming Soon

Video Recording

Record video with up to 4 people on a podcast call.

* Coming Soon (Private Beta)

Want a specific feature?

If there is a feature that you want to make your podcasting experience even better, please drop us a line and let us know what it is.

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